Throw out Blow out

If you throw it out, you have blown it!

A million ideas rolling through your head. You write them down, but none of them seem to make sense. No matter how hard you try you can’t get a solid idea. Pretty soon you end up looking like this guy.writers-block[1]

For many of us writers we have trouble surpassing writers block (go to my post “Writers Block and how to handle it” for help), but for many more of us we struggle to hang onto our old ideas.

All of the crumpled up notes you have tossed in the garbage, or burnt in a fitful rage could have eventually helped you one day. Here are a few reasons why you should keep almost everything you write.


If you throw out an idea, no matter how bad you might think it is for your project, it might end up helping you later in the future. For me it helps with the novel writing. Books are long and the more ideas I have, no matter how scatter brained they may be, really helps me build my story.


Sometimes we may hate the way a paragraph turned out, but no matter how badly you want to discard it– Don’t. Look back at this another day, because you may find one beautiful sentence or even a few words that you can use in another piece of your writing.


At first when I was writing there were boxes and boxes of random folded up notes with titles like “Powers” or “Green” standing for the name of the book I was working on. I found that even though half of those book ideas I have thrown down the drain, the concept of the little things in them have not. I have used these little details in a completely different book and have become very useful.

I now keep all of my book ideas within a few notebooks. Keeping them in one place is easier and when they are side by side instead of scattered within a box I can find the one idea faster.

I hope this inspires you to keep all of your writing, and if you want to share let me know where you keep yours.

A. Willow

Writers Block And How To Handle It

We have all been there. The page is blank with anticipation. You can seem to feel the vibration of the keys that you  want beneath your fingertips, but have no words to compensate them. Your inspiration is at a loss, your ideas are down the drain, and you are left with the  BIG   WHITE   PAGE.

This my dear friends is writers block.

Many a time have I been through this torture. In fact I have went through this many times within my books. It is a dilemma we must all face as writers, but it doesn’t have to be your way of life. Below I will show you how to overcome this issue through different circumstances.

writers-block[1] (2)Fresh Out of Ideas-

If you are stuck on the imaginative side of any project than you need to read. Reading helps make the creative juices flow, and as soon as you get your ideas back immediately stop the reading and turn your words into a page of wonder.

Other ways you could come up with more ideas is by simply watching a movie, surfing the web, and even just talking to your best friend or next door neighbor about what they think. If you are at a loss of creative ideas than you must look elsewhere for them.

Inspiration has Disapeared-

I have felt this very often. Its not that you lose inspiration for the passion you have with your book, but rather, you lost interest in your writing  at the moment. You feel like “Eh, I can do this tomorrow.” or “I’m not really feeling like writing today.”

My answer to you is follow nature. I have mentioned it better in my other post Nature’s Blessing ( ) if you would like to go more in-depth with this section.

Nature gives you a chance to connect with your surroundings. When you connect with things you tend to feel more inspired with them as well. Get outside and breathe in the fresh air.

Don’t Know the Next Step-

If you are currently writing a book or a short story and are clueless as to how the next part is going to go- skip this section! If you have ideas for what comes after that particular part than trudge on through. The more you write your book the easier it is to know what you want to do with it.

Writers Block is one of the most infamous struggles writers must face. If you have writers block at all there are a few key things you can do to help yourself: read, write something different, take a break to get inspired, and brainstorm with friends. If that doesn’t help at all and you still can’t think of anything I would stop working on your project and try to write for something else.

Hope that helps and let me know if you have any Q’s.

A. Willow

YA Book Releases: April 19 -May 3 (2013)

Hello Fellow Readers!

Here are the tasty new YA books coming soon…

Released April 23:


Title: The Elite

Author: Kiera Cass (NYTimes Best-Seller)

Series: The Selection (Series, #2 )

Genre:Dystopian Romance

Form of Publication: Hardcover/ e-Book



 Title: Keep Holding On

Author: Susane Colasanti

                 Series: A Novel

               Genre: A romantic and empowering book about bullying

Form of Publications: Paperback/eBook


Title: Chosen at Nightfall

Author: C. C. Hunter (Best-Seller)

Series: Shadow Falls (Series, #5)

Genre: Paranormal

Form of Publication: Paperback, eBook




Title: Zero 

Author: Tom Leveen

Series: A Novel

Genre:An Edgy Romance

Form of Publication:Paperback, eBook

The Last Princess by Galaxy Craze[1]#5

Title: The Last Princess

Author: Galaxy Craze

Series: A Novel

Genre: Adventure-Survival

Form of Publication:Paperback, eBook



Released April 30


Title: The Eternity Cure (Best-Selling)

Author: Julie Kagawa

Series: Blood of Eden (Series, #2)

Genre: Paranormal Dystopian Romance

Form of Publication: Hardcover, eBook



Title: The Program

Author: Suzanne Young

Series: A Novel

Genre: Dystopian Romance

Form of Publication: Hardcover, eBook



Title: The Boyfriend App

Author:Katie Sise

Series: A Novel

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Form of Publication: Hardcover, eBook



Title: Destined

Author: Aprilynne Pike

Series: Wings (Series, #4)

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Form of Publication: Paperback, eBook



Title: Sketchy

Author: Olivia Samms

Series: Bea Catcher Chronicles (Series, #1)

Genre: Thriller

Form of Publication: Hardcover



Title: Faery Tales & Nightmares

Author: Melissa Marr (Best-Seller)

Series: Short stories mixed with Wicked Lovely tales

Genre: Fantasy Suspense

Form of Publication: Paperback, eBook



Top  Picks:

#1- I am excited for The Last Princess. It really stuck out to me as something intense to read.

#2- The new Bea Chronicles really popped into my view. I can’t wait to read Sketchy and see if the series is worth our while.

#3- Of course I am happy The Elite is coming out. I just read the first book and couldn’t put it down!

#4- The Program seems very interesting, and I want to know how it will end up. Just out of curiosity.

If you have your eye on one of these lovely books comment down below and tell us why. The more opinions on this blog will make it that much easier for everyone to agree on their own favorite.

Enjoy your next book!

A. Willow

Are You A Rebel Writer?

Are you one of those format writing junkies that can’t stray away from a perfectly structured sentence?


Are you the type that says, “I don’t need formality I need Originality”, you stray away from the rules of writing and do your own thing?

I must say if you answered yes to the first one…YOU ARE B-O-R-I-N-G!

The second answer I define as a Rebel Writer, and I highly recommend you write this way, but there is a right way to be a rebel writer and definitely a wrong way.

1. Know Your Bounds-

As a writer you need to know the right way to do things. You must know correct punctuation, structure, formality, and grammar. If you struggle with this either surf the web, pick up a writing guide book, or click on the links below.,,

Knowing the correct way to do things is important, because if you are being a rebel writer by accident…well then, you aren’t truly a rebel at all but more so an ignorant writer.

Learn the right way to write and your on your way to better writing!

2. Use Formality With A Rebellious Twist-

Balance is the key! People don’t want something completely foreign. They like to know that there is still something familiar within your writing as everything else, but then again, they don’t want something to be like EVERYTHING else.

So what you must do is stretch out your creativity and abuse the steps of the writing rules.

An example of this is through Dialogue.

Formal: “I’m so exited I can’t wait.”

Rebellious: “I’m sooo excited….I can’t wait!!!”

Be unique with your writing to show the audience what is happening instead of just telling. Here is another example for a paragraph.

Formal: I stepped foot into the pond and felt the cool water dance along my toes. I don’t think I have ever felt anything more chilling or more wonderful all at the same time. Suddenly around the bush I heard a crunching noise. I quickly pulled my toes out of the water and ran away in fear it was the ghost.

Rebellious: I stepped foot in the pond and felt the cool water dance along my toes. I don’t think I have ever felt anything more chilling, and yet more gloriously wonderful, all at the same time.


My heart raced, my vision blurred, and I felt frantic. What if….

I quickly pulled my toes out of the water and ran, too fast for my own pleasure, but I needed to. I looked behind me in fear that The GHOST was upon me.

What I have done is change the different sections to be a little more staggered. I try to envision how it would feel if I was in the characters position. At first it was slow, but then everything seemed to jump at you faster as you went. I didn’t completely change the paragraph because this way people will still be familiar reading it.

3. Be Cautious-

You should use your rebellious side, but with caution! You want to use it in your writing to mean something. You can’t just use it every time you get the chance to. Even in my example above I drenched it with too much Rebellious, but I needed to show you something.

Use your rebellious side sparingly and only when you want something to stand out.

Effective rebellious writers use it for uniqueness and to explain their story through their different way of showing. If you use it like I did above (too much of it) then it might appear as poor quality writing.

After what I have shown you today I hope you can stretch out your rebellious side, and use it effectively within your writing. Let me know if you have any questions, thoughts, or would like to ask for help.

See you next time,

A. Willow

Quenching Your Thirst: The Selection

Happy Thirst-day!

Here is the first book review for the blog, and I’m excited this was the first!!!


Name:   The Selection

Author:   Kiera Cass

YA Genre:  Dystopian Romance

Book Form: Paperback

Pages:   327

Reading Time:   2 days

Rating:   4 (Out of 5)

Back of the book:

“For thrity-five girls, the Selection is the chance of a lifetime.

The opportunity to be swept up in a world of glittering gowns and priceless jewels. To live in a palace and compete for the heart of gorgeous Prince Maxon.

But for America Singer, being Selected is a nightmare. It means turning her back on her secret love with Aspen, who is a caste below her, and leaving her home to enter a fierce competition for a crown she doesn’t want.

Then America meets Prince Maxon. Gradually, she begins to realize that the life she’s always dreamed of may not compare to a future she never imagined.”


A twist of Cinderella meets Hunger Games leads the readers into a very enticing read. With a catering palace, poverty on the outskirts, a game show for the thrill of the country, and a love triangle (do I have to mention twilight?) America Singer is thrown into a confusing world.

To cover the basics I found the beginning to be agonizingly slow, and if it wasn’t for America’s winning personality I would have dropped the book. It began with a staggering quality but once the competition hits  things flowed so quickly it seemed I couldn’t stop until the end. There is obvious drama that comes with any competition between girls, but there is a much deeper conflict at hand.

America must choose between a life with Aspen (Her sort of boyfriend of 2 years) or the rich Prince Maxon. The thing is America has very different relationships with these men. With Prince Maxon it is very reserved. They talk for hours on end and can’t seem to get enough of each others company, but Apsen is the complete opposite. Every time America is with Aspen there is this heated quality of hormones raging through the roof, but they never talk as much as you think a couple should. For a relationship to work you must have a balance, and this leaves the reader to decide who they want to end up with America!

Personally from this book I’m rooting for Prince Maxon. Apen was too much of a jerk in the beginning only seeing her when he wanted to, and every time they were together it seemed as though he really only wanted “one thing”. Whereas Prince Maxon is a gentleman, but he is also girl stupid. That’s right. I wanted to get it through his head that yes a girl needs a friend in a relationship, but she also needs a man to take charge and sweep her off her feet. I mean he is a prince after all, shouldn’t that be easy for him to do?

I found this book to be a very good read, and if it had not been for the beginning, Kiera Cass would have had a 5 Star. She really outdid herself with this book and I would recommend everyone to read it.

Quick Tip: You Are What You Read

As all of you may already know: Writers must be Readers.

Today I will quickly explain the different books you should be reading and why.

First you must ask the question: What Genre do you write for?   If you cannot answer this question then I would highly recommend you to start going through every section in the bookstore, grab the books that interest you,  and decide what you think you would like to write on. More than likely you write what you usually read. If you can find a genre that you love that’s great, but for most of us it isn’t that

In order to write well you must broaden your reading. If you normally stick to YA paranormal romance, than move to the MG fantasy, or adult literature. You should have a taste of what different genres are about so you know your limits in your area of writing.

To know other genres will help you focus your attention on what is important.

For example: If you only read YA fantasy, you are so used to the trends of the fighting mixed with the romance that you don’t even notice it anymore. Once you go pick up a book of literature, a book of adult romance, and a book of children’s fiction, you can tell what is appropriate for your general audience and what might be more appropriate for another genre.

So instead of picking up the same old books you always read, expand your knowledge and embrace the journey to a better writer.

(Don’t kill yourself though. The requirement is one book of each genre not ten! You may go back to your normal books after that)

Enjoy your reading!

A. Willow

What is in a Personality?

Characters are the beloved parts of our book that we can hold close to our hearts or ultimately hate with a dark passion. They are memorable in ways that can make us laugh when thinking about them or cry out tears for their death. Although characters stick out in your mind, and seem easy to remember, they aren’t as easy to write as you may think.

Writing characters is one of the hardest parts about a book (short story, novel, ect.). In order to have a strong character that readers will love and cherish forever, you must know them like they’re your best friend, except you need to know them better! There is more to writing characters than meets the mere eye, and unless you know their inside feelings and outward appearance better than you know yourself, you are going to have a hole in their personality. Today I will give you a helpful trick to use that will build a character.imagesCAOWGDJ0

There are three rules you must follow at least a few times a week, or until you know the answer like the back of your hand.

Rule number one: Use Imagery
Use your imagination to visualize your character as if they are with you. Imagine they are thinking about the trees you see or heard what someone had just said to you. What do they look like? How do they act? Is there a special quirk that they tend to do while sitting in a car?

Rule number two: Embrace Dialogue
Dialogue is a key detail in any book. If your characters are well grounded, a reader can tell who is talking without the author giving the name. To practice dialogue, when you are out, listen to what somebody says then stop to think, “What would my character say back to that?” Imagine the conversation they would have with you about what that person said whether it be snarky, sarcastic, and even over bubbly.

Rule number three: Reaction to the World
Now that you have the hang of the first two rules you must completely visualize your character. If your character was in your place, how would they react to a certain situation. Would they help the kid getting bullied around the corner or would they completely rub it off as disgusting annoying kids?harry_potter_grows_01[1]

If you cannot answer one or all of these you might have a hole in your character’s personality. I would advise that if you are unable to answer, try really hard and decide for yourself what they would do. If a decision is honestly too difficult for you and seems impossible, you might want to rethink about your character as a whole. You and especially your readers, need to connect with the character on an intimate level and if you can’t even connect with them how do you expect anyone else too?

If you have any questions about how this works, or want more ideas on character, you can write a comment down below and I will help you through the character building process.

A. Willow

Nature’s Blessing

Welcome Writers,

Have you ever felt stuck on a few words or that dull vacant nothingness that seems to encompass you when trying to write? This is a common trait for every writer, and to help you feel inspired  by the beauty of the world again, you must leave![1]When I say leave what I actually mean is to step away from your computer, get outside, and take a walk. Leave the stuffy house behind and venture forth into the wilderness we were all made a part of. So stretch your legs and try to find the most remote and non-human place you can. (If this is impossible for you city folk, make do with what you can and apply the same concepts.)

Once you reach your destination, just stop, and listen….

Listen to the birds, the wind, your breath moving in and out of your nose. Forget everything you have to do that day and just focus on the gift of nature. Blend yourself into your surroundings, shut your eyes, and feel your essence mold with the trees, the waving grass, and coarse dirt.

Slowly the inspiration you desperately wanted will come to you , and when it does, take out a pen+paper and jot down everything you feel, hear, see, smell and taste. Taking the time to embrace nature has helped many, especially me, in finding motivation.

It’s a sort of treatment that every writer should learn to use effectively.

I hope this works as well for you as it does for me, and if ever you have a question feel free to comment.
A. Willow

What Makes YA Different From Adult Books?

….*Sex and Money
…………………….*Rape and Porn
………………………………………..*Murder and Blood
These are all things that are the *BAM, in your face, type of topics when you read an adult novel. Unlike Teen books, you won’t find a lot of restrictions on what is acceptable to write.
The way I view YA is that it brings in a soft flowing transition into these dramatically dark elements. Instead of reading a book that’s filled with the little details of how a man carefully dismembered all the limbs, and decapitated his head with an axe spitting up the immense density of blood that speckled the entire room with blots of red,  YA takes it a notch down from the extreme level. Don’t get me wrong, YA is still very descriptive and beautifully written, but it’s highly likely you will keep your lunch down much easier without swallowing up that sort of intensity.

Another way is through Emotions! :You might stumble across a similar phrase as this one when reading a YA novel.
“I know it’s not the end of the world, but it sure as hell feels like it!”

16_allison-scott[1]As many of you know, teens are raging with so many hormones, half the time, they don’t think before they act. While adult books bring in emotions a little smoother and more reasonably thought out, YA is a falling chaotic mess of emotions. Now, for example,  if a guy doesn’t think before he takes that big smooch, obvious complications are going to arise. YA involves the teenager’s journey through strong relationships as well as rebelling against anything trying to stop them.(Lets face it, all of us went through this stage!)

When they have that many hormones attacking their body, who would blame them for acting the way they do?

I say let them think it’s the end of the world, because in the end their dramatic lives make irresistibly tasty books.

Tips and Tricks

Hello Friends,Calligraphy_Pen_and_Ink_clip[1]

This is where I will be posting advice that helped me finish my first book. There were many bumps, bruises, and a hell lot of writer’s blocks, but these tricks helped me rise up and overcome those minor headaches.

My tip for you today is to not think about tomorrow.

That’s right. Instead of thinking that you will write tomorrow, or you will start the book that has been buzzing through your head during those long hours at work, you are going to sit down, grab a keyboard or a pen and paper and jot down your thoughts.

If you begin to write your story GREAT!!! But if you’re like the rest of us it might be a few notes here and there, some paragraphs that only make sense to somebody whose high, and that’s OKAY. As long as your beginning to write and get it all out I’m proud of you.

Putting words on a page takes courage, and those who dare to take a step forward has the strength to change their life.