Nature’s Blessing

Welcome Writers,

Have you ever felt stuck on a few words or that dull vacant nothingness that seems to encompass you when trying to write? This is a common trait for every writer, and to help you feel inspired  by the beauty of the world again, you must leave![1]When I say leave what I actually mean is to step away from your computer, get outside, and take a walk. Leave the stuffy house behind and venture forth into the wilderness we were all made a part of. So stretch your legs and try to find the most remote and non-human place you can. (If this is impossible for you city folk, make do with what you can and apply the same concepts.)

Once you reach your destination, just stop, and listen….

Listen to the birds, the wind, your breath moving in and out of your nose. Forget everything you have to do that day and just focus on the gift of nature. Blend yourself into your surroundings, shut your eyes, and feel your essence mold with the trees, the waving grass, and coarse dirt.

Slowly the inspiration you desperately wanted will come to you , and when it does, take out a pen+paper and jot down everything you feel, hear, see, smell and taste. Taking the time to embrace nature has helped many, especially me, in finding motivation.

It’s a sort of treatment that every writer should learn to use effectively.

I hope this works as well for you as it does for me, and if ever you have a question feel free to comment.
A. Willow

One thought on “Nature’s Blessing

  1. […] to you is follow nature. I have mentioned it better in my other post Nature’s Blessing ( ) if you would like to go more in-depth with this […]

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