Tips and Tricks

Hello Friends,Calligraphy_Pen_and_Ink_clip[1]

This is where I will be posting advice that helped me finish my first book. There were many bumps, bruises, and a hell lot of writer’s blocks, but these tricks helped me rise up and overcome those minor headaches.

My tip for you today is to not think about tomorrow.

That’s right. Instead of thinking that you will write tomorrow, or you will start the book that has been buzzing through your head during those long hours at work, you are going to sit down, grab a keyboard or a pen and paper and jot down your thoughts.

If you begin to write your story GREAT!!! But if you’re like the rest of us it might be a few notes here and there, some paragraphs that only make sense to somebody whose high, and that’s OKAY. As long as your beginning to write and get it all out I’m proud of you.

Putting words on a page takes courage, and those who dare to take a step forward has the strength to change their life.

What are your Thoughts?

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