What Makes YA Different From Adult Books?

….*Sex and Money
…………………….*Rape and Porn
………………………………………..*Murder and Blood
These are all things that are the *BAM, in your face, type of topics when you read an adult novel. Unlike Teen books, you won’t find a lot of restrictions on what is acceptable to write.
The way I view YA is that it brings in a soft flowing transition into these dramatically dark elements. Instead of reading a book that’s filled with the little details of how a man carefully dismembered all the limbs, and decapitated his head with an axe spitting up the immense density of blood that speckled the entire room with blots of red,  YA takes it a notch down from the extreme level. Don’t get me wrong, YA is still very descriptive and beautifully written, but it’s highly likely you will keep your lunch down much easier without swallowing up that sort of intensity.

Another way is through Emotions! :You might stumble across a similar phrase as this one when reading a YA novel.
“I know it’s not the end of the world, but it sure as hell feels like it!”

16_allison-scott[1]As many of you know, teens are raging with so many hormones, half the time, they don’t think before they act. While adult books bring in emotions a little smoother and more reasonably thought out, YA is a falling chaotic mess of emotions. Now, for example,  if a guy doesn’t think before he takes that big smooch, obvious complications are going to arise. YA involves the teenager’s journey through strong relationships as well as rebelling against anything trying to stop them.(Lets face it, all of us went through this stage!)

When they have that many hormones attacking their body, who would blame them for acting the way they do?

I say let them think it’s the end of the world, because in the end their dramatic lives make irresistibly tasty books.

What are your Thoughts?

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