The Ice Coating

I hate the feeling of being alone. Loneliness sinks deep within  my skin, covering me with a cold frost of hate. How couldn’t one see it layered upon thy skin. Wrapped up like a thick wool blanket ready to keep the warmth in…the only problem is it keeps the pain in.

My heart elevates to a high level leaving me on the floor ready to die. My lungs scream out for more air, and yet I cannot even cry. What is it to you if I am doomed? Is it a way to kill thy race? Mankind means nothing to the individual, as long as they are focused on making everyone unequals.

So while I cry and feel that death is sneaking upon me, I shall never forget that life is so much more then love and hate. For it is the truth when I say we are all going to die, but it is in our faith of what we believe lies in the sky.

Farewell my brothers and sisters, and for those who come of late,

Don’t mock me with your eyes, or your words of hate.

What are your Thoughts?

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